March 14, 2002

New Licensees Will Make Juniorsý and Girlsý SleepwearýTop youth brand, Mudd, has launched juniorsý and girlsý sleepwear. Mudd signed the deals with New York-based Cayset Fashions (juniorsý sleepwear) and AME (girlsý sleepwear)...Steven Seidman, chairman of Ingroup Licensing, Muddýs exclusive licensing agent, made the announcement.

Mudd is one of the leading youth brands in the US, with wholesale sales in excess of 500 million annually. According to Elliott Azrak of AME, ýMuddýs girlsý sleepwear will be in-store for fall ý02, selling to Muddýs existing retail outlets.ý AME also holds licenses for Barbie, Osh Kosh and the Power Rangers.

Peter Wisotsky at Cayset Fashions, which already has the licenses for Mudd sweaters and girlsý tops, indicated that they would be selling Muddýs juniorsý sleepwear to Kohlýs, JC Penney, Sears, Mervynýs and Marshall Fields.

The Mudd denim line was founded in 1995 and has grown to include over 20 domestic and international licensees ranging from shoes to home furnishings, which carry the Mudd name and create products in the Mudd image. The house of Mudd creates clothing for trendsetters everywhere regardless of race, creed, color, sex or social status. Each style is as special as the person wearing it. Our name is Muddý.

Ingroup Licensing is the exclusive licensing agent for Mudd. Based in New City, NY, with offices in Manhattan, Ingroup concentrates on developing fashion brands, with an emphasis on youth brands. Other clients include Plugg and Ben Sherman.

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