October 17, 2002

Master Licensee Will Cover All Products, All TerritoriesęTop youth brand, Mudd, will launch in Europe in October 2001. Ingroup Licensing signed the deal with Drew Pearson International, Inc. (DPI). The deal is estimated to be worth in excess of 10 million (USD) in wholesale sales in the first year; Steven Seidman, chairman of Ingroup, and David Wehrle, sales director of Europe for DPI, made the announcement.

Mudd is one of the leading youth brands in the US, with wholesale sales in excess of 500 million annually. According to Seidman and Wehrle, ęThe first products to the European market will be denim, the core of the Mudd brand, tops and bags. The line will be introduced first in the UK, Germany and France; current retail outlets include House of Fraser, Arcadia Group, America Today (Netherlands), Karstadt (Germany).ę

Utilizing DPIęs unique network, manufacturers, based in different countries, will handle the production for all territories, but will handle sales for all licensed products in their respective countries. Chrono Import, of Toulon, France, will manufacture jeans; Buccaneer Europe, Ltd. of Aston Clinton, England, will manufacture knit tops and hats; and Marco GmbH of Dusseldorf, Germany will make shoes.

Sales territories are as follows: France, Chrono Import; Netherlands and Belgium Buccaneer Europe, Ltd.; Ireland and the UK, Buccaneer Europe, Ltd.; Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Marco GmbH; Norway and Sweden, VIB Norway AS; Finland, Cami Company; Denmark, VIB Norway; Portugal and Spain, Trade Euroswan; and Italy, Mirage S.R.L.

The Mudd denim line was founded in 1995 and has grown to include 16 domestic licensees ranging from shoes to home furnishings, which carry the Mudd name and create products in the Mudd image. The house of Mudd creates clothing for trendsetters everywhere regardless of race, creed, color, sex or social status. Each style is as special as the person wearing it. Our name is Muddę.

DPI, based in Addison, Texas is an International network of manufacturers and distributors. Other key licensees include Mossimo (Europe) and Major League Baseball.

Ingroup Licensing is the exclusive licensing agent for Mudd. Based in New City, NY, with offices in Manhattan, Ingroup concentrates on developing fashion brands, with an emphasis on youth brands. Other clients include Plugg and Franky & Minx.