Press Clips: Jib Hunt to Appear on the Bravo Network

June 14, 2006

New York City, NY - Jun 14, 2006 Jib Hunt - NYC Illustrator and Sportswear Designer to be featured nationally on the Bravo Network on June 16th (this Friday) at 9:30am. Jib's line of apparel "Jib Hunt" is highlighted on the 30 minute Lifestyle Television Series. 

The Jib Hunt segment will appear on Bravo at 9:30am in all US Time Zones (ex. 9:30am East Coast time and will air again at 9:30am in West Coast time).

The 30 minute segment will be viewed by 75 million viewers across the . 

The Bravo Network & Lifestlye Televison Series featuring JIB HUNT

IPITV is pleased to announce its newest episode of the independently produced LifeStyle Television Series for the 2006 season. LifeStyle is a revolutionary, fast-paced series dedicated to getting the most out of life while offering practical solutions to everyday challenges. Enjoy exotic destinations and upcoming fashion trends. Imagine being brought into a world never dreamt of before and customizing a LifeStyle that revolves around your preferences and desires!