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International Fashions

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International Fashions is a Canadian-based fashion distribution and licensing company with a worldwide reach. With thirty years of experience and a team of over sixty employees we are committed to excellence in the fashion industry. Our enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attitude to business has created strong relationships with both manufacturers and distributors throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We have recently furthered our distribution network through Europe to the Benelux region and Australia. We have an established client base throughout these global markets comprised of both independent and major retailers.

The success of International Fashions is founded on the creation of enduring relationships within the industry, and the importance of maintaining high quality products and solid partnerships with our clients. We produce and deliver both private label garments and two of our own branded fashion lines, Kersh and Press, to an international audience. Both of these women’s wear collections have been met with critical acclaim and have seen unprecedented sales growth, further evidence of our commitment to high standards.

International Fashions was founded in 1981 by clothiers Max Fugman and Kershaw Nanavaty, making us one of the oldest West coast based fashion companies in Canada. Our strong foundation in the distribution and manufacturing of private label garments has enabled International Fashions to launch a portfolio of independently designed fashion lines. By 1996, we successfully started four fashion lines targeting both men’s and women’s markets. For over twenty-five years, International Fashions has built long-term relationships within all sectors of the fashion industry, and has earned both respect and trust from the trade.