Brands we helped build

Pacific Legear

Pacific Accessories, LLC, now known as Pacific Legwear, Inc (PacLeg) began operations in March 2006. Lisa Sizemore partnered with Martin Terzian CEO of Atlantic Pacific Group, LLC. The hosiery company was established in Dallas Texas where the majority of the operating team resided. Ms. Sizemore brought the Company a known performing team of Sales, Marketing, Design and Import/Export executives as well as strong factory partnerships who specialize in the target market of the Hosiery industry. Mr. Terzian was one of the first parties that Ms. Sizemore connected with in her search for the "right" operating partner that understood the changing dynamics between production and sales as well as creating strong international manufacturing relationships. Mr. Terzian’s Company provided the accounting and warehouse support facilities, "the Backoffice" so that Ms. Sizemore’s Company with its team could focus on building a profitable and successful Hosiery business.
Ms. Sizemore spent the first fifteen years of her merchandising career with one company, Accessory Design Group (ADG). Beginning as an Assistant Merchandiser in accessories and hosiery, she rose through the ranks, and seven promotions later became a Senior Vice President of Product Development and Merchandising. From both design and merchandising, to production and sales, Ms. Sizemore gained valuable experience inside the much larger company while yielding key contacts in the outside world. She developed new categories and attained volume growth with the Who’s Who of Big Box Retailing: Walmart, Target, Payless, JCPenney and Sears. By 2005, her division accounted for 35% of the Company’s Total Revenue. Instrumental in this explosive sales growth at ADG, she continued to drive other divisional increases surpassing the $41.0MM in her last year. Ms. Sizemore brought a ready made business to Atlantic Pacific Group and implemented new changes to the product mix that were not achievable at ADG due to the existing Target Customer Base. This was a perfect complement to the Mr. Terzian’s existing businesses and his overall strategic objectives. Ms. Sizemore and her team are "all about the mix between action and fashion". They bring a proven track record of design, product quality, performance, and category dominance. When the doors opened in 2006, product development and sales began and products were shipping to customers within five months yielding $2.5MM in book sales. By the end of the forth quarter of the same year, booked orders rose to in excess of $5.1MM and continued to climb year-over-year thereafter. ADG was 100% private label business in sales. In this new venture, Ms. Sizemore decided to take a very different approach. Her three tiered strategy of diversified businesses (private label, licenses, and in-house brands) proved very successful in opening new paths of distribution while hedging any downturn in one of the three segments. Karen Neuberger was the first licensed brand to be held which she negotiated the terms. This created department store and specialty store business as well as entry into the off-price market. Production for several other brands followed, such as Fila, Rawlings, and Mudd. In 2010, as part of Ms. Sizemore’s branding strategy to expand in-house branding, Pacific Accessories was spun off from the Joint Venture with Atlantic Pacific Group and renamed as Pacific Legwear, Inc; a true stand alone company. Ms. Sizemore holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the Fashion Institute of New York. She is married and has two sons; the second born four days before she walked across the stage to receive her MBA diploma.